Ear Piercing

Our expert piercers ensure a safe and hygienic procedure, providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience

Sterile Ear Piercing

At Sublime Skin and Body, we offer sterile ear piercing services with your choice of Stainless steel or Gold plated studs. Our expert piercers ensure a safe and hygienic procedure, providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our wide selection of earrings includes various designs to suit your style and preferences, allowing you to express yourself with a touch of elegance and individuality.


Ear Piercing Options

  • Both Ears (includes earrings): Perfect for those looking to add a symmetrical and stylish touch to both ears.
  • One Ear Only (includes earring): Ideal for those who prefer a single piercing for a chic and minimalist look.

Safety and Hygiene

At Sublime Skin and Body, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our ear piercing procedure follows strict hygiene practices to prevent any risk of infection. All our equipment is thoroughly sterilized, and our piercers use single-use, sterile cartridges for each customer, ensuring a clean and safe process.

Before the piercing, our piercers will carefully clean the earlobe area with an antiseptic solution to create a sanitized environment for the piercing. They will then mark the precise location for the piercing to ensure the studs are placed symmetrically and in the desired position.

Stud Options

Sublime Skin and Body offers two types of stud materials:

  • Stainless Steel Studs: Durable and resistant to tarnishing, stainless steel studs are an excellent option for those seeking a classic and long-lasting earring.
  • Gold Plated Studs: For an added touch of elegance and luxury, our gold plated studs are a popular choice. They offer a glamorous look without compromising on quality.

The Ear Piercing Experience

Our team of skilled piercers ensures that your ear piercing experience is pleasant and comfortable. They will guide you through the process, providing aftercare instructions to promote proper healing and minimize any potential discomfort.


After your ear piercing, it’s essential to follow our aftercare guidelines to ensure proper healing and avoid any complications. Our piercers will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, including cleaning procedures and recommendations for avoiding irritation. It is normal to experience some minor swelling, redness, or sensitivity in the pierced area immediately after the procedure. However, if you notice any signs of infection or have concerns about the healing process, our team is always here to assist you.

Express Yourself with Elegance

Ear piercing is a timeless and beautiful way to express your individuality and style. At Sublime Skin and Body, we take pride in providing a safe and enjoyable ear piercing experience, allowing you to adorn your ears with stunning earrings that reflect your unique personality.

Visit Sublime Skin and Body today to explore our diverse selection of earrings and get your ears pierced in a safe and hygienic environment. Let our expert piercers help you find the perfect earrings to elevate your look and make a statement!